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Yale Dolginow is an experienced CEO and consultant with strong P&L management experience and a proven track record of driving revenue and profit growth.

Yale founded his current venture, Èlanstrategic, in 2005 out of a desire to share the lessons he has learned throughout his extensive business career. His ability to optimize opportunities and mitigate threats in a dynamically changing business environment enables him to develop insightful strategies that provide clarity and value to his clients.

Yale has worked with companies ranging from sole proprietorships and family-owned businesses to large public corporations such as Target. His executive leadership career has included leading closely-held and publicly-held businesses through managing change in the areas of strategic planning and implementation, merchandising, marketing, inventory management, franchise management, financial systems development, growth/expansion, reduction/wind-down, real estate sourcing and planning, and retail POS systems and operations.

As CEO of Paper Warehouse, he built his company from 3 local stores to a chain of 156 stores in 19 states, doing $165 million in top line sales. As CEO of Carlson Catalog Showrooms, he grew their operations to $500 million in sales at 56 locations throughout the Midwest. His experience includes serving as Assistant to the President of Dayton Hudson Corporation, the parent company of Target Corporation. He was also President of Modern Merchandising, Inc., a 70-store retail chain operating in several markets, and President of Dolgin’s, Inc., a chain of catalog showroom stores that operated in the Kansas City and St. Louis metropolitan markets.

As a trusted advisor, Yale Dolginow helps businesses develop strategies that increase profitability and value, advising through all phases of the process, from planning and development to execution and follow-up. He has successfully crafted turnarounds and delivered growth strategies that work for his clients… even in a challenging economy.

Yale is an active community volunteer. At alma mater University of Kansas, he serves as a member of the School of Business Board of Trustees. He also currently serves on the advisory boards of Normandale Community College, Lillehei Heart Institute, Oak Ridge Country Club and Bet Shalom Congregation.

Away from work, Yale relishes a game of golf and the beauty of a well-tended course, enjoys running, and spends time with family. He shares a passion for reading, ideas, friends and conversation with his wife, Diane.