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Is Your Customer Service Commitment Like Amazon’s?

As business owners we have commitments to our customers which contribute to defining our business' perception or it may be a contracted understanding which you promoted over time. In most cases this understanding is expressed in your mission and vision statement. If we do not execute in the expected … [Read more...]

Take Advantage of the Current Trends

In our conversations with other business professionals around the Twin Cities, we keep hearing that sales are perking up and businesses are beginning to move forward again. The long, persistent business lag we have all endured has created a pent-up demand for goods and services. Are you prepared to … [Read more...]

April 15 – It’s Time Again!

Some think that April 15th is the time to file your taxes (or for this year, April 18th). For businesses, April 15th has a different significance. The end of March marks the close of the first quarter for most businesses. Now it’s time to review the first quarter and evaluate how you are … [Read more...]