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A trusted advisor brings energy, enthusiasm, and experience to the table. That’s Yale Dolginow.

For over 40 years, he’s helped businesses like yours move ideas from planning to execution to profitability.

Check out Yale’s amazing resume. Decades of experience with companies like Target, Dayton Hudson, Paper Warehouse, Carlson Companies, and many more.


At Èlanstrategic, we believe that profitability hinges on planning that is followed by execution and accountability. “Plan your business and work your plan,” says Yale Dolginow, principal. Here are the three ways we help businesses succeed:

1. Good planning sets a profitable direction.

Establishing a strategic, timely business plan that involves key players, goals and assessment – is an integral tool that is highly valuable to any organization. But this holds true only if the plan is carried out, or executed.

2. Execution means accountable action.

After many successful years of running companies, Yale Dolginow understands the nuances of execution, grasping the tasks needed to turn a strategic plan into accountable actions. Without accountability, actions often falter. Furthermore, he knows how to help companies adapt the plan so they make progress quarter by quarter.

In addition, we believe in “timing” the business year, performing cyclical reviews, and employing a variety of visual methods to help you break down projects or problems.

3. Detailed agendas help get the job done.

Because your time is valuable, we provide detailed agendas each time we meet. Such preparation helps us get things done. Besides being knowledgeable and experienced, we are affordable and approachable.

  • Successful organizations have a business plan. But a formal plan is only the start. For continuous profitability, execution is vital.
  • Using the trusted advisor model, élanstrategic helps to develop and implement the business plan through accountability. When development, execution and accountability flow together, success is greatest.
  • Having an experienced confidant helps leaders and promotes success. As a trusted advisor, élanstrategic partners with leaders to solve everyday challenges that arise during execution of the plan.