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Achieve Rewards for Your Efforts

As businesses gaze at their calendar, we see that we are approaching the time of year when we should be thinking about how the business performed in 2017, and what opportunities lay ahead for in 2018. What to do about it? Easiest is to ignore it and let bygones be bygones. Wrong!

We should look at September as if we are at the starting gate of a new race. This is the kick-off for the planning cycle of an organization with a calendar year. Some will say we are too busy to think about 2018. These are the folks who are “running, but not managing their business”
( CLICK HERE to read my August 14th blog). Now is the time to manage your business, it is one of most important functions of a business-The Planning Process.

Achieve Rewards for Your Effort

I was involved with an organization that was not committed to a formalized planning process. They ran their organization from the seat of their pants. They did not take into consideration the effects of competition, government, economy, and capital. They assumed that business would increase by some arbitrary amount not using any logical assumptions but using a “dart board” and all else would stay the same as the previous year. No consideration was given of the competition which had opened in their area, no consideration that minimum wage had increased, and that government had passed legislation requiring increased health coverage for their staff. They woke up after their first quarter with major issues. Business does not “stay the same” year after year. This is what makes being in business fun and challenging.

In Brian Tracy’s book, The Million Dollar Habit, he mentions the seven basic habits which help one succeed. They are:

1.    Plan thoroughly
2.    Get organized
3.    Make sure you have the right people in your organization
4.    Delegate wisely
5.    Inspect what you expect
6.    Measure what gets done
7.    Communicate

All seven points are important for our organizations and they are part of the strategic development and execution of your business.

Note that his first recommendation is to plan thoroughly. The planning process needs to be started before you are finished for this year. You will reap rewards for your organization if you start the process now. Including your managerial staff in the process will pay off. Having them involved in making decisions on all aspects of the plan gives them buy-in and you can instill accountability in your plan.

This inclusive process will help assure you have a successful 2018 and you will then deserve the rewards of your efforts. Elanstrategic is experienced and can help you through this process. Call us at 952-960-6688 or email