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April 15 – It’s Time Again!

Some think that April 15th is the time to file your taxes (or for this year, April 18th). For businesses, April 15th has a different significance. The end of March marks the close of the first quarter for most businesses. Now it’s time to review the first quarter and evaluate how you are doing.

Today is April 15th. The numbers are in. Are you tracking with your goals for 2011?

Strategic planning is about developing a plan. But the plan won’t do one bit of good if it’s not being put to work. Strategic management requires, not only the development of a plan, but the execution as well. The best laid plans will not get you one step closer to your goals if you’re not engaged in following up on your progress.

All businesses are dynamic and are affected by economy, competition, and outside situations. The close of the first quarter is the time to take a real hard look at how your business is doing. Is your staff making progress toward meeting their goals? Each of their goals should have starting and completion dates. Some of these goals should have already been completed. Are they on schedule? Take a look and see how they’re doing. Accountability is important!

Now, as some of you are reading this, you will tell me, “Well… we didn’t get our strategic plan completed.” It is not too late to work on a plan with only three quarters left. You have time to discuss, document, assign, and pull the team together to make the difference in the year.

April 15 is a key date for individuals and also for companies. The date is a reminder for you to review and bring the team together to see if they are executing their plan. Remember, it takes “actions to create value” for your company. It’s time for action!

If you need help, call us. We know how to put together a plan.

Happy April 15th!