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Game planNo matter what you do in life, business and organizational plans are critical for success for whatever you do in life. As I heard many times from Kenneth Macke, former CEO of Dayton Hudson, “A strategic plan without an Execution Plan is not a plan at all.”

Never have I seen this principle illustrated so clearly as the other night when I was watching the last few seconds of the Villanova-North Carolina game—when Chris Jenkins took the handoff from Ryan Arcidiacono and executed a beautiful shot to win the game!

To some, the result of this game was nothing more than a fluke. Or maybe it was just good luck. Yet it is a known fact that Nova won the Final Four Championship due to the deliberate development of a winning strategy, coupled with time-tested execution. Several media outlets have pointed out that Nova had actually formulated and practiced this strategy for the last decade, and they had executed it hundreds of times in the past. It was in their back pocket and they knew how it worked.

Similarly, every business leader needs to develop the right strategy with his/her team. But strategy alone isn’t enough. You also need to have an execution plan at your fingertips that you can deploy when the time is right.

At Elanstrategic, we are available to coach you through the development of a strategic plan. We can also show you how to convert the strategy into a viable execution plan. Therefore, when faced with any situation, you—like Villanova—can be confident that your proven “plays” will create winning results for your business.

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