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Can you hear me now

I recently heard a speech which resonated with me; the topic was: “Can you hear me now”? Also, after watching the Saints-Vikings game and the interviews after the game where the Vikings pulled out a win when most thought it was over, I heard something similar from their coach Mike Zimmer’s comment. The play they ran was called “7 Heaven” which he said they had “practiced hundreds of times.” It was not something new.

The results of 2017 for your organization should be in front of you.
The organization either beat, met, or was behind last year. The point is last year is last year, and now is the time to sit back and start the process all over again–you have practiced the process hundreds times, this is a new year and maybe it is going to be a new you.

There needs to be a new set of goals which may be like last year’s, but organizations are faced with issues surrounding health insurance, a new tax code, maybe a new competitor or one less competitor from last year. Maybe you are one of the few who had worked on a plan, and finished it in early December. Now you have actual results, and your accountant-controller gave you the final numbers.

So, you should go back to review, and bring the team to together: Hear Me Now!
It is Now a New Year, and this could be the New You.

You can hear me now say, if you need help and want another set of eyes which can help you and your team solidify the strategic plan and help in the execution, give Elanstrategic a call at 952-960-6688 or email