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It’s Never Too Late to Plan for 2024!

Hey there, we get it – November can sneak up on you, and amidst the hustle and bustle of life, planning for the year ahead might not have been on your radar. With the world's constant whirlwind of events and stress, it's easy to let your business's future slip to the backburner. But, let's bring … [Read more...]

How Is Your Company Performing?

This is a question you should be asking yourself: How is your company performing? If your results from the first quarter met or exceeded your plan, then you should have a fairly good idea of the answer. And now - as April 30 approaches, you have one more month under your belt.  The … [Read more...]

Don’t Be Caught Off Guard this April Fools’ Day!

Greetings! With April Fools' Day approaching and the end of the first quarter coming to an end, it is essential not to be caught off guard by your company's financial performance. The end of each quarter marks an opportunity for evaluation. It is essential to review your profit and loss … [Read more...]

Yale’s Views On The News You Can Use

Needed Action Based On The News! Prices and Supply go Hand in Hand. These issues seem to be different, but they really are not. Inflation is caused by an increase in demand as consumers and businesses are motivated to buy now because they believe prices will continue to … [Read more...]

Inflation is Affecting All of Us!

The four main drivers of the current spike in inflation are the pandemic, supply chain issues, government stimulus money, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.  Higher prices are driven by a demand that is higher than what the market can supply. You can see this in every aspect of inventory, … [Read more...]

Alternatives For Our Shortages

The media has made a huge case that Americans are experiencing shortages in every category of products. We heard that due to global supply chain issues, mostly driven by the pandemic, consumer demand is at an all-time high. American manufacturers and our government starting in the 60s and 70s were … [Read more...]

Let’s Light Fireworks This July 4th

To Celebrate Post Covid and theCompletion of the First Half of 2021! It is time to sit back and enjoy fireworks with your friends and family for all that we have been through this past year with Covid 19. Let’s give thought to the achievements our country's forefathers undertook to enjoy this … [Read more...]

How to Plan in a World of Confusion and Chaos

When I need to develop a strategy or plan I use a “brainstorming” process that I learned at Harvard’s Owner/President Management program called “Mind Mapping.” This is used for developing a strategy within chaos and confusion! Today, our businesses depend on us to make the right decisions … [Read more...]

Happy Almost April Fools Day!

"April Fool's Day" is right around the corner and the first quarter is coming to an end. On a day of practical jokes and pranks, don't be caught off guard by your profit and loss or balance sheet.  The end of each quarter marks an opportunity for evaluation. If you are following … [Read more...]

How Can I Motivate You To Get Going For 2021?

“Success in Business Takes Effort and Motivation” We offered an initial planning meeting with you and your staff to help put the draft of a plan for 2021 together at NO CHARGE! Perhaps you pushed our offer aside since there are so many things to take care of as the year comes to a close. I … [Read more...]