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How Is Your Company Performing?

This is a question you should be asking yourself: How is your company performing? If your results from the first quarter met or exceeded your plan, then you should have a fairly good idea of the answer. And now - as April 30 approaches, you have one more month under your belt.  The … [Read more...]

Your Business Survival Kit

Èlanstrategic is Ready to Help! Èlanstrategic wants to help companies in times of need. There is a lot of confusion about how to maneuver your business through this Covid-19 crisis. This is not the time to “Panic.” Elanstrategic is available to you virtually or one on one to help you develop your … [Read more...]

Our Current Norm Requires You To Be PRO-ACTIVE!

Èlanstrategic is Ready to Help! News around the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has taken the world by storm.These are difficult times. You have two choices. Wait out the current situationorBe pro-active and re-think your strategic plan. We can we work on your plans for the … [Read more...]

Hewlett Packard Delivers Inconsistent Message to Consumers

Whether in your business or personal life, one must deliver a consistent message.  Careful thought must be given to our words; our family role models have all told us to "think before you speak." The business and IT community were taken back by the recent announcement that Hewlett Packard is … [Read more...]

Spring is Here – You have Planned on it

Spring is here, but snow continues to fall in the Midwest. The Twin Cities’ forecast warns of a “Winter alert” over the next 36 hours. In the middle of April, you would expect to see rains falling and flowers blooming; were you prepared for more snow and freezing temperatures? The great majority of … [Read more...]

Change Provides a Threat and an Opportunity

Business needs "to go with the flow." A mentor of mine used to say you have to "zig and zag" (Fred P Gattas, Gattas Company). Whatever a business owner calls it, you have to evaluate the Change and determine if you can turn a Threat into an Opportunity. I know people who are sometimes "paralyzed" … [Read more...]