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How to Plan in a World of Confusion and Chaos

When I need to develop a strategy or plan I use a “brainstorming” process that I learned at Harvard’s Owner/President Management program called “Mind Mapping.” This is used for developing a strategy within chaos and confusion! Today, our businesses depend on us to make the right decisions … [Read more...]

Denial – “It Won’t Happen to Us”

A sudden explosion recently occurred during “happy hour” at a famous restaurant in the Midwest.  The building was destroyed, but even more tragically, an employee was killed. A business cannot be protected for loss of life.  I do not propose any solution for this horrific event to cover this … [Read more...]

Why Am I Doing This?

Three weeks ago, I was finishing up my second term at Harvard. I wrote this late one night when all was quiet and I was tired: WHY AM I DOING THIS??  Six to eight solid hours of classes every day followed by another four to five hours of reading and preparation each night… for three weeks … [Read more...]