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Don’t Be Late to the Fair!

Imagine you're in charge of planning a trip for a group of 25 people to the Minnesota State Fair. They rely on you to coordinate the activities and move them around the fair as a group, but each group member wants to do different things. One person wants to go see the new born animals. One person … [Read more...]

Get off the Beach and Golf Course! 2019 is Upon Us

Look at your calendar, the month of July is the first month of the second half of the year. Companies with good historical information can project what the balance of the year's revenue will be based on that data.  If the first 6 months did not go well consider tweaking your advertising, pricing … [Read more...]

Achieve Rewards for Your Efforts

As businesses gaze at their calendar, we see that we are approaching the time of year when we should be thinking about how the business performed in 2017, and what opportunities lay ahead for in 2018. What to do about it? Easiest is to ignore it and let bygones be bygones. Wrong! We should look at … [Read more...]


Initially my purchase of four small Paper Warehouse stores did not have a niche initially.  They did not attract a huge clientele. We thought we knew where we were going   but it took are-engineering of the concept along with development of the Vision.  The stores became a full assortment of … [Read more...]

Little Steps and Small Successes

Huge projects can be daunting and hard to tackle. Our natural tendency is to push them aside for later. I’ve found that the best way to successfully bring projects to completion is to "divide and conquer." Many years ago, I read a book which described a situation in which a group would take a … [Read more...]

Spring is Here – You have Planned on it

Spring is here, but snow continues to fall in the Midwest. The Twin Cities’ forecast warns of a “Winter alert” over the next 36 hours. In the middle of April, you would expect to see rains falling and flowers blooming; were you prepared for more snow and freezing temperatures? The great majority of … [Read more...]

April 15 – It’s Time Again!

Some think that April 15th is the time to file your taxes (or for this year, April 18th). For businesses, April 15th has a different significance. The end of March marks the close of the first quarter for most businesses. Now it’s time to review the first quarter and evaluate how you are … [Read more...]

The Art of Timing

“A shopping center has lost its anchor… its niche, and continues to struggle.” — This describes many shopping centers in the urban setting of the United States today. In fact, according to recent news, mall vacancies have climbed to their highest in the last decade as U.S. store closings persist. I … [Read more...]