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Consulting Services

As a trusted advisor, Èlanstrategic offers consulting services that increase profitability and value.


We advise through all phases of the process from planning and development to execution and follow-up.

Trusted Advisor – elanstrategic is an experienced consulting firm, providing a range of services and support for business and organizational leaders. We provide planning and execution of the plan, both of which are vital to your company’s profitability. Our principal consultant, Yale Dolginow, partners with you as a confidant, coach and sounding board, listening carefully to understand your company and providing strategic perspectives for day-to-day operations.

Business Planning – A good business plan is like a road map – it lays out where you’re going and how you will get there. Having a timely and measurable strategic plan means your company is continually positioned for profitability. Elanstrategic helps you develop an effective plan that becomes an integral tool for managing your business.

Business Execution – Successful execution of a business plan is as important as developing it. We work with you to put strategy into motion, helping you to establish and carry out the tasks needed to reach the goals in the plan. We also partner with you to help you solve the everyday challenges that arise during execution. This process of accountability – and the level of our involvement – differentiates …lanstrategic and Yale Dolginow from other consultants.

Special Projects

We also help clients with specific issues or one-time projects such as selling a business, opening a store, raising capital, developing a transitional team for a departing executive, or developing a new marketing direction. We work with you until a resolution is reached, which includes recommendations to management for future value, or until a project is completed.

Élanstrategic provides evaluation, planning and leadership coaching services that add value to businesses. We help clients move from strategy to action, addressing specific issues that challenge profitability from start-up to close-up.

Call us for help with any of these business management needs:

  • franchise development & management
  • capital & growth management
  • private to public transitions
  • leadership transitions/interim CEO
  • merchandising strategy
  • pricing & inventory
  • real estate strategy
  • service standards
  • accountability
  • competitor analysis
  • opportunity identification
  • technology application
  • family business concerns
  • start-up
  • liquidation