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Don’t Be Late to the Fair!

Imagine you’re in charge of planning a trip for a group of 25 people to the Minnesota State Fair. They rely on you to coordinate the activities and move them around the fair as a group, but each group member wants to do different things. One person wants to go see the new born animals. One person wants to enjoy the rides. One person wants to get a giant pickle on a stick or a pronto pup. You get the idea. You must navigate through the throngs of people, wait in lines, and coordinate all these activities. Think of the chaos.

Don’t Be Late to the Fair!


To achieve success at the fair with this size group you must assess the goals and needs of your group. Study the fair map to understand the environment you are going into. You want to adopt a plan of how you are going to execute your visit prior to your arrival at the fair.

It would be helpful to bring a guide, a person who is an experienced visitor and one who knows the lay of the land of the fair. This guide will help you avoid the challenges and overcome the wrenches thrown into your fair experience.

If you are late to the fair and do not have a plan, chances are you will miss some of your important goals.

So….Don’t be late to the fair and make sure you have a plan in hand.

Don’t Wait to Build Your Business Strategy for 2019


Your business strives for multiple goals. They could be to increase sales, optimize costs, expand to a new location, adjust strategy to account for a new competitive entrant into the market, launch a new product. You get the idea. You must navigate through the internal and external factors of your business to ensure you remain positioned for success.

You need to plan, assess your business goals, assess the economy, understand your competition, the cost of capital, and any changes in government regulations.

Your business planning process, like the state fair, can be chaotic. It would make the whole planning experience run smoothly if you had a facilitator to help you navigate all the elements that go into the business strategy and execution plan.

Successful planning is time sensitive. Before you know it, it will be the new year. 2018 will be wrapping up, and it will be 2019.  Now is the time pull all of pieces together with your team. If you miss this window of opportunity, you might not get another chance. If you don’t plan how you’ll visit the fair, you will not enjoy it! It will be over.

If you want to make your business planning
run more smoothly, get a guide.


Elanstrategic brings decades of experience and will ensure you a successful planning process – without planning, you’ll be lost. Call or set up an appointment.

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