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Essential Tasks Checklist

To assist you in your business planning, we have compiled the following checklist for your convenience.

Essential Tasks to Complete Prior to 12/31/13

checklistUpdate your SWOT.
Develop your goals for 2014.
Review your 2013 expenditures and budget expenses for 2014.
Complete your strategic and execution plan for 2014 so you can “hit the street at 150 mph.”
Evaluate your team and staff members. Reward strong team players and determine how you will train or eliminate weak members.
If you are a retailer, prepare your staff and store for year end.

Élanstrategic can objectively evaluate your operations and provide personal targeted guidance for the upcoming year. For facilitation in completing the essentials listed above and developing a smart growth strategy which maximizes profits and improves the return on your business investment, contact Yale Dolginow at Élanstrategic.