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Get off the Beach and Golf Course! 2019 is Upon Us

Look at your calendar, the month of July is the first month of the second half of the year.

Companies with good historical information can project what the balance of the year’s revenue will be based on that data.  If the first 6 months did not go well consider tweaking your advertising, pricing or staffing to better address your year’s goals. On the other hand, it may be too late to have a major change in strategy to impact 2018. From Elanstrategic’s perspective, 2018 strategically is over-it is in the bank.  Now is the time to gather the troops to work on 2019.

Your business should not ruin your summer vacation, but time is of the essence!

A well-run company like yours should make sure that major strategic and execution plans are built by including in the team a knowledgeable facilitator.

A review and up to date SWOT is the first step, then a determination of total revenue and bottom line profit.

Of course, this should be determined by the whole team. Some companies develop two plans simultaneously, one is conservative and one is the stretch plan. Once this is in place, your team can break up into small groups to do their thing. At the same time the team can enjoy their summer with specific dates for their portion to be completed. By then, the ultimate plan of revenues, expenses and capital expenditures is in place and those components, make up the plan.

Summer vacation is very important for your company, your business does not stop because of the calendar.  In fact, if you plan it correctly you can have your vacation and the business plan where everyone is happy with results.

What is important now is the time to get the team together to go work on the plan. 

Elanstrategic knows all the elements surrounding a well thought-out strategic and execution plan for the new year.  We want you to enjoy the summer, but we also recommend that you start the new year with a bang.  Now is the time to go to work on 2019 strategic and execution plan.

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