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Hewlett Packard Delivers Inconsistent Message to Consumers

Whether in your business or personal life, one must deliver a consistent message.  Careful thought must be given to our words; our family role models have all told us to “think before you speak.”

The business and IT community were taken back by the recent announcement that Hewlett Packard is discontinuing their PC and computer business. This was a shock for those who made a recent purchase from HP.  I am sure the senior management have good reasons for this decision; yet, 10 days later, in today’s Minneapolis Star Tribune (September 8, 2011, Page D3, Business Section), an announcement was made that, despite spinoff plans, HP is introducing 8 new desktop personal computers in the next two months.  It seems to me that their previous announcement may have been premature and not well thought out.

It is important to be ethical and to let customers know what you are doing in reference to warranty, etc., but it also seems to me that there is a breakdown in their message to potential customers who would be considering the purchase of a desktop without knowing where the company is going and who will service the product.  Realize that HP’s computer division may not go out of business but will ultimately have a new owner. This sure seems to be an inconsistent and flawed communication strategy.