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How to Plan in a World of Confusion and Chaos

When I need to develop a strategy or plan I use a “brainstorming” process that I learned at Harvard’s Owner/President Management program called “Mind Mapping.”

This is used for developing a strategy within chaos and confusion!

Today, our businesses depend on us to make the right decisions on how we move forward in our strategic and execution plan for the balance of the year. The messages are confusing!

We hear that a very high percentage of the population either has or will be vaccinated to protect each of us from this pandemic. Some reports say that the vaccine will even handle the variant strains from UK.

Yet, in the same news reports we read:

  • For last 25 straight days Covid has spread to heights as much as November and December of last year.(Mpls Star Tribune 4/7/21)
  • One day the government says we can open up our businesses carefully and the next day the CDC says we cannot let our guard down. (NBC New 4/5/21)
  • “Fourth virus is feared in Upper Midwest”, Nations across globe hit record deaths, Federal Reserve’s Powell says: U.S. is near for “full reopening.” (Mpls Star Tribune 4/9/21)

We must wear masks, we must hold social distancing to six feet, we must continue washing our hands, we shall not hug our neighbor. Yet the Texas Rangers baseball team hosted a sellout crowd of 38,000 on last Monday for their opening day (Washington Post (4/6/21). And the Twins are inviting the fans to come back within reason etc. etc. How does one prepare to go forward with this information? What is the right choice for my business?

How Does One Plan Despite These Conflicting Reports?

Some will say that if we do not move to some form of normalcy, there will not be a tomorrow! Elanstrategic can help you develop alternatives to ‘zig zag” within the issues facing these confusing chaotic times. 

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