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Increase Value to Your Client by Enhancing Your Services

You may be the very best in your niche but could you be providing the client an enhanced service level to move their business forward and to further them along even faster and make their business or organization more profitable?

My mentor Ilus Davis, Mayor of Kansas City and Board Chairman of Boatmen’s Bank, used to tell that most business lawyers, CPA’s, and Bankers have a hard time being the mentor and consultant outside their educational expertise.  Yet when one like Elanstrategic has the multi-functional education and experience of working with many companies, it allows them to bring a girth of ideas to the table.

Today, the business climate requires companies to have their eye on the ball at all times. They need to be cognizant of their surroundings, they need to have 360-degree vision of what is going on within the community, the government, and their competition.  In addition, the size of their company allows them to make quick directional changes based on the environment, but they need the help of strategic and execution planner to move and to take advantages as they present themselves.