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Is It a Process or a Gut Feel for this Year’s Plan?

Today, business is much more complex.  
The community, competition, government, and economy have strong influences on our organizations and businesses.  We all have many more people who need to be involved with the results of our businesses.  They may not have ownership, but their families and lives depend on the decisions we make.  They expect that you and your crew will take into consideration all the factors which affect your business and the success of each member of your team.

So it is not a quick “gut reaction” to whether you move with a 3%, 5%, or more of an increase over 2016.  You should be thinking outside the box–this plan is more than a “gut” feel.  The process should be built from the bottom up with consensus of the staff.  The plan should reinforce your short and long term goals and objectives that have been established and re-visited with each new planning cycle.  It should include each functional area of the business and should have all the metrics to back up the detail which make up each initiative to accomplish your plan to attain your goals for the business.

The process has a definite starting point that should be looked at each year.
You need to evaluate where you are in the time line which is part of your long term plan for the business when it was created.

  • What have you accomplished?
  • What are the strengths?  
  • What are the weaknesses?  
  • What are the new threats?
How do you capitalize on some, correct the weaknesses and take advantage of the opportunities?