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It’s Not Too Late to Make Changes for 2019!

Is your business making the kind of money you planned on this year? 
Don’t ZIP Up the year yet! It’s not too late!

Don’t settle for the status quo. It’s not too late to make changes that can boost your bottom line for 2019. Let us help you take advantage of this economy!

We know how to profit from the ups and downs of business. Let us put our experience to work, guiding you to capitalize on strategic opportunities thatcan make your business more profitable.

It’s Not Too Late!

Many owner operators come to this time of the year and they believe the die is cast. Sales and profits have either been good or bad, and they look at the calendar and say, it is in the hands of our customers.

NO! It is not too late to to make an impact in the months November, December or January. Here is what you need to do:

  • Review your YTD financial results for any possibility to reduce expenses
  • End of Year Sale. Consider sales promotions to bring in additional traffic or last-minute deliveries to your customers
  • Utilize social media and your current customer base for emailing promotions
  • Add a sales incentive or bonus to increase more business 
  • Visit competition and gather ideas
  • Review your personnel
  • Check your inventory. Is there anything in your office, store, warehouse which can impact the bottom line for this year?
  • Look at year to date results and communicate to your stakeholders or banker so there are no surprises
  • Possible visit with tax accountant to see if there is any planning you need to do to offset tax liability

Finally, while all fresh in your mind, determine what you have done right or wrong and review your plan for 2020 – It’s Not Too Late!

At Elanstrategic, we understand how to take the strategy, execute the plan and deliver results. Contact Yale for a Free Consultation to help you make changes to your 2019 bottom line.