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Knee Jerk Decisions Implemented without Complete Thought! 

Businesses need to think carefully about any new strategy to determine whether there may be any fallout before moving forward. Strategic planning needs to be analyzed and all bases need to be evaluated prior to their execution.

Development of a strategic plan and its initiatives cannot be developed without a comprehensive analysis of how it affects all other functional areas of one’s business.

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Knee Jerk Decisions Implemented without Complete Thought!

The announcement by the government is a good example of either not completing the strategic planning process or not caring. In any organization or business, strategic issues need to be thought out prior to be enacting or executing them.  Most ideas generated by visionaries and leaders sometimes are put into motion without enough forethought which provokes a back-fire reaction either from the market or internal staff.  What comes to mind is the latest policy by the US government in reference to the introduction of sweeping tariffs on key products which have been imported into the US.

Business planDid the government think that announcing these tariffs, which seem on the surface to be protection of certain industries and possible increase in jobs, was only a campaign promise? Adding a tariff on steel and aluminum a strategy, seems on first blush a benefit to the US industry, but it seems that no  thought was given to the reaction of the global market. The effects of these tariffs could cause greater pain for many other of the US industries-leading to a potential trade war.

When a company does their annual SWOT and you want to build on the strength, correct the weaknesses, and take advantage of the opportunities, there must be comprehensive thought given to each initiative and goal of your company.

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