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It’s May Day – make your plan bloom with success!

You should be enjoying the beauty of the new month and season. It is not too late to adjust or change your plans for 2017.  It is a new season and rebirth of plants and vegetation. It can be a rebirth or re-energize your organization’s strategy.

If you want to make your plan, refer to it and execute it!

May Day Plan

A client of Elan’s in their monthly financial review-evaluation (this year vs. last year vs. plan) noticed that their top line revenue and profits took a hit for the period of January thru April of 2017.
The Company saw the calendar as a call to “drill down” further into their advertising and sales expenditures to evaluate what was and was not working.
They wanted to know why they were not reaching their strategic goals for the first part of this year.  Elanstrategic understands how to take a critical view of your results and we suggest ways to improve your execution during the balance of the year so you can reach your goals.

Many clients told me that they produced a strategic plan but did not have the discipline to use execution steps to accomplish their strategic plan.

Elanstrategic knows how to develop detailed initiatives which help in reaching your goals for 2017. May Day is a wakeup call to take the pulse of your business to assure yourself of making 2017 a GREAT YEAR!

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