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“Now Is the Time to Take Advantage of The New Normal”

We are weathering the pandemic with its daily announcements of new cases and impact on many aspects of our daily lives. We wear masks and adhere to “social distancing.” We are concerned with election results and how they will affect our business and organization.

Some folks are paralyzed.

Yet there is not a thing we can do about these situations other than to follow the CDC guidelines and to vote. We cannot allow these crises to ruin our business; we are experiencing the new normal.

We must study and learn how to take advantage of the situation.

We can control the key tools to make the upcoming year one of the best.

Each of us must take into account every nuance of change which has transpired since March. We need to determine what these changes are and how they will impact our organization.

There is a key element that we can do as strong leaders which is more important today than ever before. 2021 must have a comprehensive plan considering the known changes caused by the virus, political, and racial unrest.

We need to grasp these changes which we may have seen as misfortunes.

Consider them instead as opportunities. “Opportunities often come disguised in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat!”

Change your perspective on them.

Milton Berle use to say, “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”

I have observed companies such as Amazon, Edible Arrangements, retail liquor stores, and marginally profitable companies using similar situations to their advantage.

With your 2019 data and partial YTD of 2020 under your belt, now is the time, during the upcoming fourth quarter, to gather the troops around and start your strategic plan for 2021.

Identify your goals, analyze the changes, become “a fox instead of a turtle” (a turtle craws in their shell and waits for better times).

My old saying is that “‘can’t'” is not in our vocabulary, you and your organization can do anything you want.”

Bankers have funds to lend! The consumer wants new items. I can help you with that!

But you must have a road map—a strategic and execution plan to reach these goals for 2021.

Èlanstrategic understands the elements to help you move forward and as Abraham Lincoln said, “the best way to predict your future is to create it.