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Success from Bottom Up

redsoxThe odds are in your favor that, if you develop a plan and work your plan, you will have successful results.  To accomplish this, you have to work to get buy-in and a strong team effect.

Last Saturday night, those of you who are late October baseball fans may have observed the results of this process unfolding. The Boston Red Sox won the ALS Championship.  They went from the worst team record in 2012 to the best record in 2013.  In various interviews after the game, team players were asked, “How did this come about?”  They each gave a similar answer: “It was the team working together and our new manager, John Farrell, who brought us together.” It is remarkable how this team went from being the worst to the best.

The Boston Red Sox provide an example for instilling this process into our companies and organizations.  These players show how we can work together as a team. John Farrell shows us how managers can instill confidence and provide leadership to move our teams to a winning position.  As I’ve said many times before, it is not enough just to give out a plan; we must grow a plan from the bottom up.  Formulate a vision, understand where you want to go, and plan and work your success from the bottom up. Inspire your team with the vision and get their buy-in for your shared success. When you utilize your team to develop and work your plan, you can succeed like the Boston Red Sox! You can be a winner!