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Leading a business or any organization is complex and challenging. Sometimes you need an understanding ear or honest advice from a seasoned, experienced professional who is outside the company. That’s when a trusted advisor like Yale Dolginow can help.

Élanstrategic helps business and other leaders develop plans that increase profitability and value. After crafting the right plan for you, we provide a list of detailed tasks to move you from strategy to action. Next, we provide follow-through so there’s accountability.

Élanstrategic can help you identify and implement best practices – the common threads that run through successful companies. Our approach is personal, enthusiastic and honest. In his role as a confidant, coach and sounding board, our principal consultant, Yale Dolginow, is readily accessible. We offer a range of services with varying levels of involvement to provide what you need, affordably.

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  • Successful organizations have a business plan. But a formal plan is only the start. For continuous profitability, execution is vital.
  • Using the trusted advisor model, élanstrategic helps to develop and implement the business plan through accountability. When development, execution and accountability flow together, success is greatest.
  • Having an experienced confidant helps leaders and promotes success. As a trusted advisor, élanstrategic partners with leaders to solve everyday challenges that arise during execution of the plan.

Call us for help with any of these business management needs:

  • franchise development & management
  • capital & growth management
  • private to public transitions
  • leadership transitions/interim CEO
  • merchandising strategy
  • pricing & inventory
  • real estate strategy
  • service standards
  • accountability
  • competitor analysis
  • opportunity identification
  • technology application
  • family business concerns
  • start-up
  • liquidation