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Èlanstrategic wants to help companies in times of need. There is a lot of confusion about how to maneuver your business through this Covid-19 crisis. This is not the time to “Panic.” Elanstrategic is available to you virtually or one on one to help you develop your short term strategic and execution plans. 

My colleagues include Attorneys, Bankers, Human Resource Experts, Contractors, and Real Estate Services. We are very up to date on current situations and can help you through any of the functional area of your business.

  • Operational: Issues from operating to closing.
  • Marketing: How to market your business during this unusual situation.
  • Finance: Help with your banker and accounting team.
  • Real Estate: Situations surrounding your lease.
  • Human Resource: Issues with employees for possible layoffs.
  • IT & Web Base Related: Aid in making emergency changes to web site.
  • Remote Access Working from Home: Utilizing your company’s IT systems.

We are reaching out to you to let you know we are here 24 x 7. I wish everyone good health and success during these difficult times.

In light of the current situation, we are offering a free initial consultation and discounted fees to help support our business community during these challenging times.

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